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Customised metal components for industrial machinery

We offer customised metal components and parts for industrial machinery, using our experience and understanding of customer’s applications. Unique, individually designed and calculated solutions are the best choice for maintenance professionals looking for the best offer.

Contact us if you are interested in:

  • Production of parts, components and specialty tools (metric and imperial) according to customer’s technical documentation, including:
    • mechanical treatment,
    • thermal treatment, surface hardening to a depth of 2.5 mm, using the industrial lasers, providing high hardness without deformations and dimensional stability due to the lack of heat impact on the structure of the workpiece,
    • wear-resistant coatings by PVD (eg. TiN),
    • nitriding,


  •  Regeneration by:
    • work surfaces’ welding with the industrial lasers, providing film thickness of from 0.1 to 5 mm
    • flux cored welding,
    • galvanic chrome coatings,
    • smelting and pouring of bearing bushes from the alloys based on lead and tin,
    • polishing, cleaning, applying a protective, fluidised, anticorrosive, colourless coating to precise mobile systems for metal components exhibitions,
    • regeneration or reproduction of ball screws according to the working parameters by grinding treadmill nuts and bolts replacing the balls with sealing of the system,
    • applying metal-rubber covers.


  • Components like:
      • punches for forging, cutting, rolling,
      • metal rails and slats,
      • rollers,
      • shafts,
      • toothed rollers,
      • splined shafts,
      • guillotine blades and cutter knives,
      • rams, cylinders, punches, shafts,
      • worm gears, cogwheels,
      • gudgeon pins,
      • bushings,


    • CASTINGS: bronze, brass, aluminum, cast iron, cast steel:
      • bearing bushes – cast bronze, brass and bushings – sintered bronze,
      • sliding guides – cast bronze, flat bars, exstruded bushings,
      • aluminium housings and other machine parts,
      • iron and steel castings of housed units,m pulley wheels, gears, cogwheels.

Castings and casting models

Production of castings and casting models (sleeves and shaped castings) according to the customer’s technical documentation or as a standard product:

  • castings’ modeling,
  • iron castings,
  • steel castings,
  • bronze alloys,
  • brass alloys,
  • construction aluminum alloys castings,
  • bearing alloys

Solid carbide products

Production of new tools and components (made with using of solid carbide), as well as their regeneration and application of the most technically advanced soldering components and solid carbide types according to the documentation or the client’s requirement, and semi-finished solid carbide products: sleeves, rods – raw and polished, and fittings of the species according to customer’s requirement.

Technical consulting

Technical consulting including:

  • steel materials (powder steels, special steels: heat-resistant, stainless, non-magnetic, tool steels),
  • non-ferrous metals (bronze and brass alloys),
  • selection of materials according to the application and the operating range of parts and tools such as materials for cold and hot working environment, sleeves and bearing slides,
  • selection of replacements of steel grades according to the applicable standards of AISI, DIN and PN,
  • converting drawings from inch to metric and vice versa,
  • retrieval and selection of steel grades from the damaged documentation for tool steels, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, cast steel, solide carbide,
  • material amendment of old types of steel for cold and hot working environment and solid carbide in order to increase life of machine parts and tools.